Friday, October 26, 2012

Do Facts Matter To You?

The truth is, most people follow their feelings. Especially when it comes to politics. Just in case you are looking for facts, here are links to the top three fact checking, non-profit, non-partisan organizations. - Sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. - Follow the money trail!

OnTheIssues - Answer a quiz on your preferences and see what candidate's policies match you the best - I was very surprised at which candidate matched my opinions!

In addition, here are the facts as seen by two different major news organizations. Both of these newspapers endorsed Obama in 2008 and also this year. Perhaps there are fact checking columns that run regularly in papers that have endorsed Romney, but these are the first two my Google search stumbled upon. They seem fairly impartial in calling out both politicians on some of their statements. - Sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times.

The Fact Checker - From the Washington Post.