Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Missing Muse Found

My missing Muse has been found, after an heroic search by Silvergull, who brought the Muse out of hiding with an e-mail game of 'story-tag', a lure that no Muse can resist.

Meanwhile moi, Panda, am recovering from attacks of vertigo, gratis my fibromyalgia - again! Would seriously consider transplant to a bio-cybernetic body at this point. Bids, anyone?

And - panda has a new friend, Goldibear. She arrived on Mother's Day from Washington, D.C., weighing eight-and-a-half ounces, and 12 inches long; godparents - Ruth and Jason.

Pictures soon to follow.


Jaye Patrick said...

I'm relieved you found your muse, P., it's one of my greatest fears to lose my own, and I cannot imagine life without that snarky, twisted, weirdo!

Pandababy said...

Yes, well, my Muse is skittish -- can't blame her, after keeping her locked in the basement for decades...

"Snarky" (check), "Twisted" (check), "Weirdo" (?) - Nah, you're just... Original, Jaye :)