Friday, July 13, 2007

Shiver me Timbers!

"Only With Your Love" doesn't seem like quite the right title for the best pirate story I've ever read. Lisa Kleypas wields her pen with the abandon of a pirate sword in this hearty tale of degenerate villains and renegade pirates (not an oxymoron - or what do you call a pirates who renege on being pirates?

OWYL doesn't fit with Kleypas' usual Regency romance, and I like those so well I read all that I could acquire first - nine e-books from and six paperbacks through BookMooch. Maybe I inadvertently saved the best for last. (I have such a weakness for pirate stories.)

Two of my favorite characters from Lisa's novels are Lily Lawson, in "Then Came You", and Madeline in "Because You're Mine". On the surface, it would seem implausible that both of them could be my favorites, since they appear to be opposites: Lily is experienced and sophisticated, Madeline is the ultimate naive innocent. But they are both kind, intelligent, independent and in need of a worthy hero to love. Fortunately, Kleypas provides each of them with their own sexy, strong, intelligent and loving man.

There is more I should say about Kleypas' talents, which I enjoy so much, but I'm only on page 55 of "Only With Your Love", so look hardy mates, and raise the jib.

Avast there, we're away.

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