Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Handle with flame-proof gloves!

The best of Lynn Viehl's Darkyn novels is the fifth and latest - "Evermore" to be published January 2008. Everything I loved about the previous four books is present in "Evermore": it is full of action, tender romance, suspense, daring plot twists, adorable characters, and a perfectly satisfying conclusion.

Oh - and wear your oven-mitts to hold the book, because it is hot, Hot, HOT! In fact, if you are offended by sexy scenes, just don't read it. This is a book for adults only, no kidding - scenes that are raw, scenes that are erotic and yet sensitive, and delicate scenes that touch an enchanted zone that is more compelling and more seductive than outright explicit sex.

I read and savored all four of the Darkyn stories that came before "Evermore", each one of them unique and unforgettable. "Evermore" sets a new high mark, though, for sensuality, for characters that will get under your skin, for sustained interest.

I'll be posting some more about "Evermore" later, as I take time to mull over the elements I enjoyed and consider ways to blog about them without spoiling the plot. I will say this one thing now with certainty - if you don't want to end up waiting too long to read your own copy, pre-order it while you can still get a first printing. This one is going to set records flying off the shelves.


Jaye Patrick said...

Damn. This is going to be torture.

I declined the offer because Lynn has sent me so much this year. But... I'm going to suck it up and wait.

I can be patient and I'll buy it when it does come out.

Sigh, whoever said suffering is good for the soul should have just kept quiet.

Pandababy said...

Anticipation is such sweet torture...