Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pesky Inner Child

"Oh look - the pool's open!"
"Nothin' to do with us."
"But, but - I want to go swimming!"
"Too cold."
"See, there's people in the pool."
"We AREN'T going swimming."
"They're having fun."
"Remember floating in sunshine?"
"Can't go. We'd look silly in a swim suit."
"No one will notice us."
"It's too cold for swimming."
"Not anymore. Today will be 89F."
"All right. You win. We'll go this afternoon while everyone's at work."

My inner child skips in a circle chanting, "We're going swimming."
I mutter, "All our flab will show, and all the wrinkles and liver spots - "
"But it will be FUN!" chortles my inner child.

I smile.


Marina said...

There's nothing like giving in to the inner child! Hope you enjoyed your swim.

I was only thinking the other day -- as I swung on the swing in the playground -- what good camouflage little kids are. You can get away with going to kids' movies and doing all manner of silly things when you have the excuse of accompanying them!

Pandababy said...

Kids are the best excuse - I need to borrow my niece's.