Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Merciful Man

John Bissell 1591-1677  [Leo's 10th great-grandfather]

1656.   This interesting Indian episode is told:

 “As Bissell was at work at hay one day in the meadow, a Scantic Indian came running toward him and implored his protection.  Directing him to lie down, Mr. Bissell rolled a cock of hay upon him, thus effectively concealing him.  He had hardly done this when the Mohawks came running furiously in pursuit, who wished to know of Mr. Bissell if he had seen the fugitive.  He pointed to a particular direction which the Indians eagerly followed and thus the poor Scantic Indian was saved.”

Directly following the above entry is this:

1656, June 5.
“Goodman Bissell is fyned five shillings for Indians being drunke with syder which they had att his house.”

I see an interesting story, and wish I could know the rest of it!

Ref: One Bassett family in America; (etc) published 1926 New Britain, Connecticut. 
 Vol. I, p 117 Stiles:
 Vol. II, p 89 CC:

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