Wednesday, July 4, 2012

9th out of 9 Magna Carta Surety Barons: Sir Robert de Vere

Leo's Tree:
Above are the arms of Sir Robert de Vere, circa 1164-1221; Magna Carta Surety Baron 1215, 3rd Earl of Oxford, hereditary Master Chamberlain of England; Chief Justice Itinerant in Herefordshire. His blazon is:

quarterly gules and Or in the first quarter a mullet argent.

Sir Robert de Vere died in Italy returning from a crusade.  His body was brought home and buried in the Benedictine priory  founded by his grandfather, Hatfield Priory at Broadoak, Essex. The arms of Sir Robert de Vere are carved into the shield with his effigy on his tomb, created within fifty years of his death by order of his son Robert.  The tomb effigy is currently in the parish church, where it was moved from the priory circa 1546, after the dissolution of monasteries ordered by King Henry VIII.

Sir Saher de Quincy also went on crusade after 1215. He died after the siege of Damietta, Egypt and is buried in Acre.  Sir John de Lacy was also at the siege of Damietta (1218, part of the 5th Crusade). Sir John returned home to England, married and raised a family and died twenty-two years later.  Another Magna Carta Baron (although not our ancestor) who was with Sir Saher de Quincy at Damietta was Sir Robert Fitzwalter, who returned safely to England with Sir Saher's ashes of viscera.

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