Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you remember Snoopy? and "Happiness Is..."?

Snoopy thought happiness is a warm blanket, happiness is a friend who cares.

I agree on the warm blanket, and the friend, but I would add:

Happiness is a new Badge.

Every place needs Greeters. Churches have Greeters - they call them ushers.  County courthouses have Greeters - they call them Security Guards.  Walmart even has Greeters - and they call them - Greeters!

It turns out that WikiTree has Greeters too, and being a very straightforward and friendly place, call them Greeters. So meet one of WikiTree's newly minted Greeters - Yours Truly.

When I first began exploring WikiTree, I felt anxious that I didn't know how Wikis work, and was concerned I would goof up. The Greeter who made me feel at home was Terry Wright, and she was accompanied by others who checked on me to be sure I was accomplishing my goals, and comfortable at WikiTree.  It never occurred to me at the time that in three months I would be one of those friendly Greeters who made me feel so welcome. I've come full circle, and this is going to be fun.

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