Saturday, February 1, 2014

Club 1,000 and other pretty things

For January 2014, starting the year off right with a Club 1,000 badge. I think it is very pretty.

A Club 1,000 badge means one thousand contributions that month to WikiTree. If contributions are over 1,000, there is not a Club 2,000 badge. How much over 1,000 did I go in January? That is my secret and I'm not telling:) There are people at WikiTree who contribute far more than myself, and it is not a competition. It is an acknowledgement that helps us see at a glance if a member is active. When a person works and takes care of family, a Club 100 badge each month is a large accomplishment, carved from precious personal time. In the end, it all goes to polish our mutual family tree, and we all reap the benefits. It is the best "club" where I ever belonged.

The other pretty things? I received a thank you for rejoining World Wildlife Federation this week - four shopping bags printed with images of rare animals. My next trip for groceries, the young lady behind me in line saw the panda picture on a bag, and exclaimed, "Oh, pandas! I love pandas!" "Me too!", I replied. We smiled at each other. Another 'panda' friend.


GoldiBear said...

I love Pandas, too!! They have eyes like cats, are nocturnal like raccoons, eat bamboo like.. like... Pandas!!! Count me in as another 'panda' friend :).

Pandababy said...

Thank you my very best panda friend:)