Monday, May 12, 2014

Are You Descended from one of the Gateway Ancestors?

Over 200 Colonial immigrants in the 1600s have been identified and their lineage documented in Magna Carta Ancestry by Douglas Richardson.

These are the ones we call "Gateway Ancestors" - because if you complete your tree to connect to them, the rest of your lineage is to be found in Magna Carta Ancestry by Douglas Richardson.

We have listed these Gateway Ancestors as part of the Magna Carta Project, and we have linked their names to their WikiTree profiles. Each of the profiles has been categorized, and sources added.

We have over eighty of the profiles linked after just one month since the Magna Carta Project started.

If you already know which Magna Carta Surety Barons are in your tree, their profiles and the profiles of the Illustrious Men listed in the Preamble of Magna Carta are linked to their names listed on our Magna Carta Project page.

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