Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Join WikiTree?

I recently posted a short piece on my profile at WikiTree, which came out of thoughts I've had over the year as a volunteer Greeter. Here is it copied, below:

A guest at WikiTree has many privileges. Use the Search functions, which include alternate surname spellings; upload a GEDMATCH and find out what profiles in WikiTree match your own database tree; ask a question at our G2G Forum; leave a Comment or send a Private email to anyone on WikiTree - and it is all free.
The best reason to join WikiTree is to participate in building a one world tree that is free to all members. In the process, you will be able to connect your own family into WikiTree, extending your ancestor tree. You will have the opportunity to join Projects, collaborating on your special interests. See the Community Membership page for twenty-five advantages of joining WikiTree.
I noticed one thing missing from that page, and that is the wonderful people I've discovered, and the relationships that have developed while working with them. Working together on a project that is mutually important is a great way to meet interesting people. The satisfaction of building a family tree for future generations is a lasting reward for our work.

My production at WikiTree dropped in November and I fell just short of the 1,000 contributions for the 1K Club, so my badge for November is the 100 Club.

The drop is due to my usual Seasonal Affective Disorder - otherwise known as SAD, which is caused by the loss of sunlight in autumn and winter. The worst part is "carb-loading" (the opposite of the improved Atkins diet) because carbs give a temporary mood lift (which is why so many 'comfort foods' are high in carbohydrates).

Meanwhile, Christmas cometh, ready or not! Here is a pic of Goldiebear's Christmas decorating scheme. 


GoldiBear said...

I am inspired by your thoughts and how you relate to the things you love! I hope Winter is short this year - and admire how much you get done despite it!

GuajomeTawanda said...

How lovely to find you are a "neighbor". I live in Newberg, Oregon!

Thank you for all your help with WikiTree! I am determined to (again) find my connections to the Magna Carta folks after having to lop of a huge branch of my tree! That darned John Bates-40 and his elusive parents!

Carbs. Ahhhhhh my downfall.

Jeanne Aloia (Lunn-170)