Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was a Patriot of 1776

Seventy years old at the start of the Revolutionary War, German immigrant Johann Philipp (known as "Philipp") Dellinger was reimbursed for his war effort by local auditors in 1783. See images of his signature, maps of his home town in Germany and farm in North Carolina, and his documented story on WikiTree here.

Philipp's sons, Johann Philipp (known as "John") Dellinger and Heinrich (known as "Henry") Dellinger, are also Patriots registered with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Find their DAR Patriot numbers and more on their lives at, the free online family tree.

WikiTree is a community of family tree enthusiasts, from beginners, to amateurs with long experience such as myself, to professionals who are certified Genealogists such as our cousin Kathy Gunter Sullivan.

Kathy's contributions to the profiles for our Dellinger ancestors are invaluable, and it is thanks to her work that Philipp Dellinger, and his sons John Dellinger. and Henry Dellinger, are all now recognized for their war service, and registered as DAR Patriots.

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GoldiBear said...

Wikitree really does work! That is an awesome amount of information about just a few of your ancestors - and all very meaningful. It looks a little like panning for Gold to me, who has never done any genealogical research. You never know how much (if any) true Gold you will find - but persistent 'panning' - fleck by fleck - will eventually yield valuable results, more than worth all the effort! The wonderful thing is that in Wikitree, everybody shares their Gold :).