Thursday, March 10, 2016

Work that is Worth the Effort

The following message was posted to my profile at WikiTree today.  Paula's words encouraged me so much, and I want to share them because they are also meant for the members of the Magna Carta project, and could apply to so many of the members of WikiTree who carefully document profiles of our mutual ancestors in quiet obscurity. It is work that is worth the effort - let's all keep on keeping on!

The following message from Paula J was posted on your WikiTree profile.

We are still working on the Henry Wyche profile and connections. We removed a bad connection (wife) as his wife proved to be unknown as you noted.  There is still much work to do going down the line towards present day but I wanted to thank you for the solid foundation that you and Magna Carta project put up that keeps us from having to clean up and source earlier ancestors whose profiles are in great shape!! 
It is like a huge gift! 

The descendants are quite a mess and we are putting up as many profiles as we can to prevent future confusion. Like most southern families, names are reused so often it is difficult to untangle who belongs where!

It just makes me appreciate your work all the more!! Thanks again!

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