Thursday, March 30, 2017


Four of Goldibear's ancestors were on the Mayflower. They were not spectators during a great event in history.

We both have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War of 1776, and others who fought in the Civil War. My grandfather fought in World War I and my father fought in World War II.

All were among the 'movers and shakers', none sat out the crisis as spectators. Even those who could not bear arms fought - my ancestor who was too old to join the 'Colonial Rebels' gave provisions to the army of 1776 - on credit.

In the current crisis in our country, how can we all be participants? Do only a small number of people in Washington, DC call the shots? Do only people as wealthy as Midas have a voice in government?

It doesn't feel like enough to email our Representative or even to march with protestors. I don't want to march. I want a functioning government, not a for-profit business, in DC.

I am not a customer - I am a citizen! And these days I am a citizen grieving for my country.

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GoldiBear said...

Very well said, PandaBaby. I grieve for my country, too. I grieve most of all for the innocent children in our country and all over the world that will suffer because our country is so broken.