Friday, November 9, 2007

Star Wars Republic Commando: True Colors

The only problem with finding an author I can't live without is that I can read their books faster than they can write them, even if I read them twice!

So it was with anticipatory joy that I opened the latest publication by Karen Traviss, her third installment in the world of the Star Wars Republic Commandos.

I'm on page 93, and can only promise a complete review once I've read the whole book. Traviss writes with depth and passion, skill and experience. She creates worlds, cultures and languages as easily as some women bake cookies. The characters I met in Hard Contact and Triple Zero continue to fascinate, amuse and amaze me in True Colors.

For anyone who appreciates military Science Fiction, Traviss is a bright star in the Constellation of Very Good Writers.


Jaye Patrick said...

Ahem... and your NaNo progress?

Pandababy said...

(little bear backs away with hands held behind her, covering her b-tt)

er, ah, ummm,,well, NaNo is, uh, you know -- sort of coming along, and, well, lots of people just work really hard the last weekend....

(changes subject)

and really, you should get one of Karen's books, you like military SF (under breath: and then you'd be too busy to kick my little b*tt)

Jaye Patrick said...

Ah, P. *shakes head sorrowfully* I'll just look over your shoulder. How's that?

I'll check around for Karen but little bear's b*tt is too small for me to kick... I'll just go and stomp on some plot bunnies instead.

Pandababy said...

I keep laughing out loud, picturing you running around in a field trying to jump on hyper-active plot bunnies who keep hopping away just as you land,,,,

But no, you capture your plot bunnies but good as I have seen on your blog. You do leave us hanging at the most delicious points of the tidbits you post, you wicked, wicked girl. I need some some suspense likewise for my NaNo story, but no, my characters just wander around, admiring the scenery. Where oh where is a good villain when I want one?