Thursday, November 1, 2007

I am an endangered species

I try not let it worry me, knowing that my species is headed for extinction. When I was younger, I lived solely for the pleasure and experience of my day - after all, everyone said there is no future for us pandas, and what could just one little PandaBaby do to change that? So eat, get high and be merry, that was my motto. I climbed trees, and enjoyed the good life. What more was there for a panda?

Education was my downfall. Put one little thought into the head of a PandaBaby, and it might stick there. Pandas have a lot of time to just think, so I thought. And found more ideas. And thought some more. Lots more.

Maybe, I thought, there is more to life than a hedonistic treadmill. Maybe one little PandaBaby could make a difference - even a difference in just one thing, one life, even my own, could effect a change, and who knows where change may lead?

So I rejected the despair disguised as hedonism, and I discovered even pandas can be disciplined and have self-control. Why, I actually exercised! A challenge gives life spice - more pleasure in a flavorful existence than in all the self-indulgences in the world. What a curious conundrum. I do not say this would work for all hedonists - only that it affected me.

Challenge of the day: NaNoWriMo. Have you ever thought of writing a novel someday? Today is someday. Just do it. I double Panda-dare you.
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Jaye Patrick said...

Already there, P.; but you knew that, didn't you.

You'll find me at the FM area, if you post there, I'll attach you as a buddy - and kick you along should you need it. It's what friends do. Could slap you around if want, too.

Pandababy said...

Hey Jaye - thanks for the encouragement. A kick in my little panda-b-tt is fine when I need it, but I draw the line at slapping :), thanks anyway. I will so need you to keep me going this year at NaNo, after having won my first year and then fizzled spectacularly last year!