Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PandaBaby discovers the joys of being a camel, and adopts a Style

The joys of being a camel (PandaBaby - with 2 capital letters) are in the delights of being found. In the hide and seek of Internet blogs and boards, camels, it turns out, are more readily found (thus BookMooch, LibraryThing, BookCrossing, etc.). So we have become PandaBaby (although I don't know yet if it will be possible to morph our name in places we are already established with only one hump).

Truth is found in many disguises - (an old and well worn truth), proven in myths, parables, fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy and in the styles of authors I admire such as Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint. PandaBaby will from hereon be published in the category of Speculative Fiction (and some may think this announcement redundant, claiming it has already achieved that goal). Speculative Fiction embraces Fantasy, Science Fiction and horror genres. R. A. MacAvoy (a fellow camel!) is another Speculative Fiction writer I admire, most recently having read her Science Fiction work "The Third Eagle".

PandaBaby hopes that readers who stumble across her blog will enjoy her truths and lies and fiction, and not be confused as to which is which. PandaBaby will often be referred to as her, and sometimes as him, and once in a while with the royal we. Please note that there is just this one PandaBaby.

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