Saturday, October 13, 2007

A rainy week

A rainy week here, reading and getting ready for our trip.

CC&R Update: I went to the second meeting of the CC&R committee, and brought up a couple of embarrassing facts: we were sending letters to homeowners for cracked driveways, but the homeowners association has asphalt paths in dire need of repair. We've been harassing residents who leave their trash containers visible from the street, but the association has left a trash can visible next to the tennis courts, instead of putting it inside an attractive structure. The association has two paths that terminate at curbs instead of 'let-downs' for handicapped access, which I asked them to have fixed, and the response was positive. Our front yard is much neater now, and I'm getting a load of bark dust to finish it soon.

I'm getting ready for our Amtrak trip back east, choosing which books I'll set free on the trains with BookCrossing labels. So far, I've picked "Mother Teresa: In My Own Words", "A Black Eye Isn't the End of the World" (panda photographs, of course!), and a two-volume-in-one travel book by Peter Gethers, "The Cat Who Went to Paris" and "A Cat Abroad".

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