Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just Average

When Jaye Patrick published a link to Action Earth, I just had to go and see what our carbon footprint would be. I was disappointed to find it is just average for an Aussie or an American - 20 tons per year!

With our solar hot water, limited use of the automobile, and other factors, I had hopes we'd do better than that, not that I expected to come close to the 4.8 tons per year for Jaye's household, but really!

Then I thought about all the Air Conditioners and Air Cleaners we run to keep my husband's MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) under control. That's the main culprit, but there are more things we can do. I printed the list from Action Earth, and expect to start working on it this week.

Sometimes I wonder if the polluters of the earth knew they'd be reincarnated as their own descendants, living in the chemical stew they created themselves, if they'd make different choices. Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps they'd tell themselves they'd just "think about that tomorrow".

Well there's a safe philosophy, Scarlett, for as we've all noticed by now, tomorrow never comes. It is always today.

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