Sunday, March 11, 2012

6th Lord la Zouche? Or First Baron la Zouche?

Could he be both? I'm dizzy. Sorting out the complexities of English titles is not for the weak-minded.  

I don't want to insult any of my ancestors (nor any living, titled English person either).  So adding generations to my tree will wait until I learn enough about the nobility to be sure I am giving the correct title to my accomplished forebears.

To learn more than the rudiments of heraldry, I suspect one must begin in the nursery.  Make no mistake, the nobility is an exclusive club and speak their own impenetrable language. They are much like any profession today, be they doctors, lawyers, accountants, programmers or mechanics - why, even chef's have their own specialized vocabulary and traditions. The twelfth century British knights and lords are just that much more obscure to this twenty-first century American.

Maybe someone has written a "Titles and Family Crests for Dummies".  I'm off to Amazon, seeking rescue.

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