Monday, March 5, 2012


What difference would it make if you knew that King Henry II of England was your 25th great-grandfather?

Perhaps none - or perhaps you would develop an interest in Early Medieval history. Perhaps you would discover a deeper respect for yourself and demand more of yourself.  

If you knew one of your ancestors was a Baron of the Magna Charta, would you care?  Would you feel a personal commitment to asserting freedom and liberty for yourself and others?

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GoldieBear said...

I might go so far as to look for a large oil painting of King Arthur and his knights around the round table... but would probably settle for a new screensaver of the same ilk, which would be cheaper and yet a regular reminder.

But to answer your question. I just might feel a bit more empowered and emboldened, knowing that somewhere, perhaps deep inside, I had a little gene or two that dared to be bold on behalf of justice. I might be tempted to look for it, and maybe I would find it :)