Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Magna Carta Baron Ancestors - third of Nine: Sir Robert de Roos

From Leo's Tree:
Above is the shield of arms for Sir Robert de Roos, Knight. His blazon is:
 gules three water bougets argent

  Sir Robert de Roos, Magna Carta Surety Baron 1215, 4th Baron Hamlake, builder and Lord of castles Helmsley (Yorkshire) and Werk (Northumberland), lived circa 1170-1227.

Armies in ancient times had occasions to bring their water supply with them. If the water was captured or compromised, it could mean defeat, and death.  To be in charge of the water bougets was to be in a post of great trust and importance. Thus, certain families who held that post displayed it on their shields.

When I began researching the Surety Barons of Magna Carta, I discovered details that changed my previous notions of what really happened.  One of the most shocking things to my modern sensibilities was the discovery that the Pope excommunicated all twenty-five barons who were surety to make King John keep the agreement.

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