Friday, August 3, 2012

News of the World

We interrupt this genealogical blog with an urgent news bulletin:


Yes, the Teddy Bears have reverted to their aggressive origins and have launched a massive air attack on the country of Belarus.  The President of Belarus recently bragged about his country's impenetrable air defense system.  The Teddy Bears, in retaliation for his hubris, parachuted into Belarus by the thousands, launched from a single small airplane.

The bears, known and loved for their peaceful, friendly ways, have shocked the world.  They have particularly shocked the two Belarusan generals who were fired as a result of the assault.

Although the President of Belarus at first denied the invasion, the bears collective messages of Democracy and hope were too much for him.  He admitted the bears had landed, and waving his fists in the air, he declared, 'We shall get those bears!'  He also ejected the Swedish diplomats from their embassy, for their part in the bear conspiracy.  It seems the plane that carried the Teddy Bears was launched from Sweden.

Sweden retaliated and expelled the Belarusan diplomats from Sweden.

Stay tuned for the latest developments.  We are holding our breath, waiting to see if the Panda Bears are going to join this war of nerves, and if so, to which side they will lend their support?

Signing off for Pandababy, I am your reporter on the front lines of the news!

BREAKING!  BREAKING!  This just in -

After meditating on an especially juicy piece of bamboo, Pandababy asked,

 "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

"It is obvious that bears must stand united, or fall individually.  We shall, of course, support the brave and reckless actions of our cousins, the Teddy Bears."

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