Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sir William de Huntingfield - Magna Carta Surety Baron

Or on a fess gules three plates

The above Shield of Arms, borne by William de Huntingfield, 1165-1221 is from the Brookfield Ancestor Project - Surety Barons Magna Charta Baron for William De Huntingfield, A feudal baron in Suffolk, as seen here.

Sir William de Huntingfield was made Constable of the legendary Dover Castle in 1204. It was the beginning of many such honors and responsibilites that he was awarded up to 1215.  Because he joined the Baron's revolt against King John, all of his lands were confiscated and he was briefly imprisoned. Like the rest of the Surety Barons, he was excommunicated by the Pope.

He went on the 5th Crusade around 1219, and died circa 1221, before  he could return to England.

Sir William is an ancestor of Leo, and the twelfth Magna Carta Surety Baron in our family tree.

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