Saturday, October 5, 2013


Goldibear's 6th gr-grandfather, Orringh Stoddard (1742-1824), fought in the Revolutionary War.  His is the second pension file I have seen this year.

Below is Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth by Emanuel Leutz (died 1868); depicts George Washington at the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. From Wikipedia Commons, this painting is in the Public Domain.

Orringh Stoddard fought in the Battle of Monmouth, where 5,000 American troops attacked the withdrawing British Army of 11,000 soldiers, delaying them until  Gen. Washington could arrive with the main American Army.

  " Leutze took great pains to be meticulously accurate with regard to uniforms, weapons, facial types of the soldiers, and portraits of the leading figures. The composition is carefully balanced, but packed with action. In the center, Washington has sunlight shining on his wrathful face, waving his sword as he rallies the troops of Lee's command. Hamilton and a bareheaded Lafayette have ridden up with him and are reining in their horses. The figure of Lee is shrinking back in his saddle, his crestfallen face in shadow. In the foreground, exhausted riflemen and a thirsty dog scoop water from a spring; farther back, on the left, the soldiers raise a cheer for their Commander in Chief, while some of them have already turned to fire on theBritish. On the hilltop, behind the figure of Washington, American artillery gallops into position to stem the British attack, and at far right the men of Washington's command approach the scene to enter the battle."  excerpt from

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