Sunday, April 22, 2007

Panda Dreams and Paradise Cake

I've been sleeping and dreaming long hours the past week while recovering from a flare. Most dreams I have are banal, gross, scary or weird. This morning, though, came a dream so happy I'm going to share it. I don't have any books on interpreting dreams, and if you do, please don't spoil it for me by telling me it was about my stock investments or whatever.

I meandered through the crowded cafe, looking for my friend. Yes! there on the patio, was a very young panda, sitting at a small, round table. I hurried over and asked my guest "What would you like to order?" "Why, paradise cake (of course) ." When it arrived the paradise cake was chocolate and other flavors, and just the right size for two. We laughed and talked of inconsequential things. It was a very happy luncheon.

So I've been reading SF novels by Brin, Viehl, Kress and Traviss lately. My panda friends would like them too... They understand that real people don't always look just like us.


Patrick Johanneson said...


I found your blog! At last!

The only stuff I've read by Brin was Earth and The Postman (which was better than the movie it spawned, IMHO).

Pandababy said...

Nice to hear from you Pat! It's thanks to your recommendations that I began to read widely in SF (about a year ago, wasn't it?).

Heh, I didn't realize Brin wrote The Postman (saw the movie, not the book). I read both of his Uplift trilogies so far. How did you like "Earth"?