Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Joy

What gives you joy? What makes you happy? Here's my list:

Listening to "An Ancient Muse", the latest album by Loreena McKennitt. I hum, dance, write, read and daydream to her music.

Finding a joyful email from a friend in my inbox.

My husband taking the day off - and spending it with me.

Tossing out the expired vitamins and OTC remedies from the pantry.

Reading my favorite SF a second time.

Preparing for a writer challenge at Forward Motion. The fifth weekend of the month!

Choosing roses for my garden from Heirloom Roses new catalog. Joy from our in-laws, who sent a memorial gift to plant for my mother.

Sipping water from a "2000" champagne flute and remembering the landmark New Year's Eve, celebrating it with family.

So, the tax bill was horrendous this year, and I had to go to the hospital last week, and getting old isn't much fun sometimes -- BUT!

Joy is always there: seize the joy.

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