Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paying it Forward

One of the best movies I've ever seen was "Pay it Forward". If you have never seen it, do yourself a favor, gather your kids and friends, and enjoy.

I recently discovered that the writer's community, Forward Motion, was named after the idea of paying it forward. Not surprising, when I considered that it was started by fantasy and suspense novelist Holly Lisle. She has 'paying it forward' built into her career. On her website, Pocket Full of Words, I found "Mugging the Muse", her free, funny and practical guide for novice novelists. I enjoyed reading her free books and I continually learn about writing as a career from her Diary.

This week, Holly's four writing clinics - on creating Language, Culture, Characters and Plot, are discounted 10% at her online bookstore. Holly has an Affiliate Program for paying commissions for referrals on purchases, and I think it's a good opportunity, but for now, I'm just saying "thank you".

What I mean is that I haven't signed up for the program, and I do not receive any kind of payment for any of my recommendations, referrals and links on this blog. It is my way of thanking Holly for all she has taught me, for all the enjoyment I've had reading her novels, and not only Holly, but also 'zette and the other writers I have mentioned on Pandababy.

If you don't need any books on writing, Lazette Gifford's latest novels, "Muse" and "Ruins" are both on sale at the bargain price of $3.59 each. Lazette is an original writer and I enjoyed both of her novels. I've learned writing techniques and found motivation in zette's "Two Year Novel" course books, also on sale this week at Holly Lisle's online store.

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