Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thank you, PBW

I won a signed copy of Blade Dancer from Lynn Viehl yesterday. Set in the StarDoc universe, but with a different MC, Blade Dancer is my favorite of all the StarDoc novels.

Lynn revealed the research she did on swords and sword fighting in answer to a recent question on her blog, PaperbackWriter. She also wrote a series of suspense/romance novels: "The Deepest Edge", "The Steel Caress", and "The Kissing Blades", which revolve around a theme of swords, published under her pseudynom Jessica Hall.

I have greatly enjoyed finding and reading Lynn's backlist, including the three she wrote as Gena Hale. By whatever name she chooses, Paperback Writer creates fascinating characters and interesting plots. Her books are all in 'keeper' section of my bookcase, where I shelve the stories that I read more than once.

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