Thursday, January 31, 2008

What IF?

What if connections were being formed between people all over the world? What if women who could not travel half-way around the world could meet each other, share their thoughts, their family concerns, their lives? What if ideas and gifts and friendships could flow across oceans and borders as easily as the rays of the sun? What if people of different countries and languages could find out they have more in common than in difference?

"What IF" is happening. The Internet has enabled communication between people with common interests such as literature and work, vocation and hobbies, and the last barrier - language, will come down shortly as translator programs are perfected and computers become more powerful. Meanwhile, people who have learned more than one language are bridging the gap even now.

Thank you Angela, for bridging the gap by writing your blog in English too, for sharing friendships at GoodReads, for reaching out with kindness, and for the hand-made jewelry. It is a joy to know you.


Primadonna Angela said...

you're more than welcome, april dear. *hugs* thanks for your gift of friendship!!!

Barrie said...

It really is quite amazing, isn't it?

Pandababy said...

Hugs back to you, Angela!

Thank you for visiting my blog Barrie. I see you just published your first novel - congratulations!