Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The bears excellent adventure

So yesterday Pandababy and Goldibear set out to get studded tires on their bear car. Simple, yes? Not.

The tires were not here, they were still in the storage unit from when the bears moved. First challenge: the car without studded tires would not go up the icy incline to storage.

Enter bears, bundled up against 18 degree weather, carrying four tires down hill, across intersection in freezing bear-town. Look, mama bear, look. See the funny bears carrying their tires? Where is the rest of their car, do you know? How could it possibly be, that tires is all they have left of their car? Oooh, see the lady bear fall down. I think she bounced at least three times. My, is it slippery out there, or what?

Once the tires were in the car, challenge number two - how to drive from storage to tire store and arrive un-dented. Oh My! See the pretty red pickup spinning through the intersection! Go, red pickup go! Just don't hit us bears, please. Whew! that was too close for comfort.

The bears shared a pot of honey at the local Smack-Donalds, celebrating the successful installation of four studded tires. All's well that ends well, or so they say.

So this evening, a storm bigger than the one we just experienced is due to visit us, big time. I think Pandababy willl just turn on the electric fireplace and wait this one out.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the bear family is safe! I'm glad you 'got tired' on that trip! (Panda baby's baby sister)

heather said...

phew! glad you survived the big blast :)

Pandababy said...

Thank you bear-sis!

And thank you Heather. We have a motto: "Just Keep Going". I may post the story for that for the New Year - It is a motto we may all need before the new administration is done fixing the economy.