Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunset and Snow Fall

We've seen entire winters go by with no snow here in western Oregon, but this year is looking white already, with more snow on the way. What a difference a day makes to the view from our windows.


silvergull said...

You have a gorgeous view.

Pandababy said...

Thank you. The windows face west, which helps on the gray days we often have in Oregon.

Karen A. said...

I took a picture of the very same sunset from my courtyard -( Rock Creek area - near 185th and West Union)!! A sunset so amazing it took my breath away!!

Beautiful snowy days!! (However, after snowbound for 8 days is kinda long!!

Karen (Gordy) West, Crawford '63, too!!

Pandababy said...

Karen! Another Colt! Wish I could remember better - or at least look in my yearbook (it was stolen in 1965).

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