Monday, December 29, 2008

HUGE - a Rant

Huge - 22 times in 374 pages. Aargh! That is an average of huge once every 17 pages. It was a huge man's shirt; huge towering man; huge ... mansion; huge room; huge eyes; huge room (again!); huge ebony bed; huge headboard; huge desk; huge tension; huge engorged (umm - you know); huge fist; London was huge; huge eyes (again!); huge buildings; huge ... house; huge brick stable; huge salon - and finally! a" huge understatement" (bit of irony there).

Oh I itched to take a red pen to every huge in that otherwise entertaining historical romance. The writer created passages of descriptive prose smoother than ice cream and lovelier than a rose. Her characters grew in depth and maturity. Her plot twisted nicely without flagging. Her settings contrasted beautifully, and one of them was interesting enough to be almost another character.

But. Huge. Yikes - please add "huge" to "teeming" on your list of words that are inappropriate or overused, and avoid it like the proverbial and hackneyed plague.


heather said...

blech, i'm surprised you made it through! i think i'd have to drop a book that annoyed me that much. :)

Pandababy said...

Yes Heather, I'm surprised too, and a bit embarrassed to admit I read such flaming pieces of literary drivel. It is my way of working off tension (and we were VERY tense until the house sold).

silvergull said...

Obviously this book annoyed you hugely.

I don't think I've ever counted a word like that. It's a huge achievement. ;)

Pandababy said...

Nice puns, Silvergull - thanks for the giggles.

Now that the stress is lifted, I'm reading anything but romance genre.

Yesterday, I read "Chosen by a Horse", a memoir that touched me so deeply I wept. Yet, it was an uplifting book, despite my tears. I want to write a review for it soon.