Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What is a False Dichotomy?

Well, first, What is a Dichotomy?

Di-chot-o-my: division into two non-overlapping, contradictory things {1}

So a false dichotomy would be seeing two things as separate and opposite when they are in fact, not.

WikiTree (you knew it was related somehow, right?) is not in opposition to having complete control of my own data, formatted just the way I want it. The two concepts - a community world tree shared by interested people, and a personal tree controlled by only me, are not mutually exclusive and are in fact, complementary and exist together quite nicely.

I can keep my own family tree on my own computer, and keep it coordinated with what I see of my ancestors on WikiTree. In the one case I reap all the benefits of many people working on my - and their - ancestors; in the other case I can add any theories, notes, or embellishments to my own tree that I want to have.

Thanks to Lianne for giving me the idea for this short blog.

{1} Merriam-Webster dictionary online

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