Thursday, March 15, 2007

Irish to the Bone

Hooray for my Irish ancestors who came to America over 250 years ago. Here's to the clans (or sub-clans) of Barchus and Moore -

and a toast for the rest of my Celtic ancestors: Scot clans Anderson, McKenzie and the Welsh clan Evans: Here's to the women strong and proud, and the men they married, brave and true.

God Bless the Irish.


heather said...

hey, i'm a moore! since we both have roots in oregon now i'm wondering if we're linked somehow. hmm... :)

Pandababy said...

My Oregon roots that go back to Ireland are from the Barchus/Barcus clan, and the Moore side is from South Carolina in the 1700's, on the female side, so I'm not much help there. But Moore clan is all related somehow I think, so we're probably distant cousins.