Saturday, March 24, 2007

Waiting for the sunshine

Yes, ol' sol is still out there. The sky brightens and darkens according to whether it is night or day. Here in Oregon, that doesn't mean we get sunshine. We have grey skies. Or mostly grey with a patch of blue. Or grey skies that are dripping with water in various intensity, from just-beyond-dew to drenched-in-a-second.

But no sunshine. Not all the way down here on earth. The photons bouncing around outdoors are not as bright as those in my home office.

This is the time of year I daydream of tropical beaches, and lay outlandish plans to visit one. Walk? no, too far. Swim? no, maybe sharks. Drive? tempting. Fly? not if I can help it. Take a boat? YES! That's it! take a boat. Cruise? too expensive, too short. hmmm.

Some people dream of trading in their home equity for a motor home and travelling around the country. Too bumpy.

I dream of turning my house into a nice, big sailboat and sailing off into blue skies and sunshine.

Just a daydream.

But I feel better already.


Jaye Patrick said...

Aww... we're just coming into Autumn here - I'm over Summer. Completely, categorically over the heat, the humidity, the sharp intensity of the sun, the warm sweat sliding down my face.

I want my Winter; my short days and long, cold clear nights. I want the icy rain and chilling winds; to rug up in my favourite jumpers (ah, sweaters? pullovers?), pull on my boots and coat and feel the cold, clean breath of Winter on my cheeks.

Ahh... I love Winter!

Pandababy said...

Thank you for reminding me that it's always summer -- somewhere. It's been so dreary here, I wondered if summer was 'clean gone forever'.