Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maybe It's All In My Head?

Or not.

A new blogger in Paris, France, "Charles Perrault" commented on my earlier posting: "could it be that in the mindset of leading a healthier life, you subconsciously had the will to end your bad habits? " I guess it's possible - I'm not objective enough to judge.

I can't prove my insomnia and nail-biting were cured with a vegetarian, whole food, organic diet, or that the my previous diet was a root cause of those problems. Some people would even suggest that IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is caused by mental problems.

I have seen doctors (including psychiatrists), read books, had tests over the years. I took their medicines, which had unpleasant side effects and only masked the problems instead of eliminating them.

My body is calm and my mind is energized now. I don't know what was irritating my body. Maybe I have a lactose intolerance, or maybe it was chemicals, such as the preservatives or coloring added to so many foods. About a third of the population has some kind of reactions to those things, but for the majority, any other diet might be, as Charles suggested, no better or worse.

I take supplements (prescribed by my doctor). I had anemia years ago on a 'normal' diet, and recognize that any diet can be deficient in what my body needs. I have heard of people who risk their health on extreme diets - nothing but brown rice and few vegetables, for instance. A few years ago I tried a diet that was nearly all soy products, (and lost weight but my health suffered). That is the opposite of the diet I've been eating daily since July 2nd.

Every day I enjoy over eighty-one different fruits, nuts, vegetables and spices. The following brief quote (see linked page for more details) explains the processing:

"Our food products are dried in a process of lyophylization, in sublimated water vapor. This process involves drying in a low temperature AND low pressure environment. With this process, enzymes, nutrition, shape, and flavor are retained."

The food I eat is nutritionally dense - a small amount contains nutrients from a large variety of foods. It has worked for me. I strongly advise anyone seeking to lose weight or improve their health: SEEK YOUR DOCTOR'S OPINION ON THIS OR ANY OTHER PROGRAM BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR MEDICATION OR DIET.

Which, in fact, is exactly what I did. My doctor visited The Whole Food Farmacy website and gave it his hearty approval - for me. I can't say what your doctor would advise for you.

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