Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unexpected Results

I began a vegetarian diet on July 2nd, expecting to improve my health and energy and lose some weight. So far, I've lost five pounds and I do have better energy. It's the unanticipated results that have me truly excited though.

Three things have plagued me constantly since childhood: IBS, insomnia, and biting my fingernails. In the past six weeks, I have entirely stopped biting my fingernails without even thinking about it; I sleep soundly nine nights out of ten; my IBS has been in abeyance the past six weeks.

Who would suppose that any of those things, let alone all three, might be mitigated with an organic, whole food, vegetarian diet? Certainly not me. I'm amazed -- stupefied, really. Is it a coincidence of timing? Could all three disorders just disappear at the same time, after being lifelong burdens -- burdens that I hated and tried all kinds of medicine and remedies to eliminate?

I'm wondering what repairs my body is making that I haven't noticed? Six weeks ago I promised a report on how the organic, whole food vegetarian diet worked for me. I never thought it would do more than help with my weight and energy (if even that).

So here is the link again, for anyone who is curious about what it might do for them (and yes, it tastes good).

What Pandababy Eats


Jaye Patrick said...

I couldn't do it. I've found that if I don't have steak or some sort of red meat at least once a week, I feel really tired and out of sorts.

I guess I'm unreconstructed carnivore; I like that.

Pandababy said...

True confession time: I did have a hamburger a few weeks ago, after our son came over and fixed one for himself. It smelled so good, I craved one too. Outside of that, I haven't missed having meat, or fish or poultry either.

Charles Perrault said...

could it be that in the mindset of leading a healthier life, you subconsciously had the will to end your bad habits? you cant presume that a diet fixed a mental problem such as chewing your fingernails, or insomnia? vegetarianism is not the be all and end all cure for your problems, as you suggest. there are serious implications to your health that could result of your decision. for example, your iron content in your blood could be so severly depleted you could become anemic and in a worst case scenario, even die... you should be wondering what damage your body is doing to itself without your notice, instead of preaching the virtues of a diet that is no better or worse then any other, simply different.