Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tempus Fugit

Ah yes, time flies, flees, and mysteriously disappears while I turn my attention elsewhere.

This past week, I've been in outer space with Elizabeth Moon's "Heris Serrano" - the omnibus edition of "Hunting Party", "Sporting Chance" and "Winning Colors". Thank you Jaye Patrick, for the Elizabeth Moon entry "eyebrows up" on your book list. I love referrals to good books, especially Science Fiction.

Update on "If you can't lick 'em": I've been appointed to the CC&R Committee. Next update after my first meeting with them, in a couple of weeks.

Update on my vegetarian (mostly) diet: We invited our son to dinner a few nights ago, and hubby cooked a salmon fillet. I enjoyed my portion, and was surprised the next morning to have had no gall bladder spasms. Another benefit of my new, very low cholesterol diet. I've avoided salmon for years because it was too rich, and now that I've been on a truly low fat, low cholesterol diet for eight weeks, I find I can occasionally indulge. Our son brought chocolates for desert, and I amazed my self (and my family) by declining my favorite food. It didn't take any will power at all - I really didn't want them. I guess I've just lost my membership in the "I'd do anything for chocolate" club.

Another thing I've lost: eleven pounds since July 2. That puts my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 29.3 - under obese, and into overweight, according to the BMI calculator at the Mayo Clinic.

When I get back to what I weighed in 2002, my BMI will be within the normal range, and I'll take my favorite clothes out of storage. I gained a shocking amount of weight during this last, long flare of fibromyalgia -- eating for energy, eating for comfort from the pain, eating from boredom because so few of my usual activities were possible. Yes, eating because I felt angry that this weird, incurable disease happened to me, and eating because I felt sorry for myself. You could say I ate my heart out.

I'm still limited in my activities, not as much as the first year, but I never thought I'd find a diet that would provide good nutritional support and let me lose the ugly pounds without an impossible (for me) level of exercise. I felt very trapped.

So if I seem 'over the top' in my enthusiasm for my current diet - now you know why.


Jaye Patrick said...

Not... want... chocolate? Oh, the humanity!

But I'm glad you're reaching your goals. Go git 'em!

Pandababy said...

(big grin) Thanks Jaye! It's not easy some days, but it's worth it.