Tuesday, April 24, 2012

41 Page Error Report?

Okay, so most of the entries were of the "missing birth, death or marriage" date sort.  Still, There was a page of typos and a half page of seriously wrong dates. Then there was the half page of "married under the age of 13".

All but two of those were marriage contract dates, signed by parents making dynastic partnerships for their heirs. I learned a rather obvious lesson from this: enter marriage contracts in a separate heading, not under 'marriage'.

So today was my 'read it and weep' day, to view my errors report.  I'm just glad my software will generate such reports. I'm not perfect and I'd hate to try to spot all my errors on my own.

I see a need for even more source documentation than I have already. It doesn't make me sad. I'm actually eagerly anticipating the journey. While I may learn eight things out of ten that I can't readily use in a record, the other two finds will be all the more satisfying, for being the result of serendipity.

Which reminds me, in looking up the Botreaux marriage dates I learned he was a member of Parliament. Hope his biography is one the work-in-progress at The History of Parliament has already completed.

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