Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Who's Who of Tudor Women

Looking up what sources other family tree enthusiasts use to document their work (on names that I also have in my tree) often introduces me to research treasure troves I might not have otherwise discovered.

Today was just such a time - looking for proof of death dates on my Bulkeley branch, I clicked on a source note at hwbradley at RootsWeb.

It led me to A Who's Who of Tudor Women by Kathy Lynn Emerson.  I quickly put this well organized and informative site up with my top resources.  For one thing, she has the clearest and most concise explanation of the various ways confusion creeps into dates in the Medieval era.  I had noticed many of these difficulties as I worked to make my tree as accurate as possible, but Kathy puts it all together without making it confusing.

Who's Who of Tudor Women gave me a new outlook on the lives and influence among women of the upper class in the Tudor era, 1485-1603.  They were much more interesting, colorful, influential, and prolific than I knew. The website offers numerous pictures of women in those times, adding an extra dimension for viewers.

I don't think you'd have to be a genealogist to find their stories moving.

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