Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who is Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy?

April's Tree & Leo's Tree
Richard III lived from 1001 to 1028 in Normandy, France. He married Adela, (the granddaughter of  Hugh Capet, King of France), and they had two daughters, Elena and Avelina.

Elena is my husband's 29th great-grandmother, and Avelina is my 27th great-grandmother.  Which means that about thirty generations ago, my husband and I had mutual ancestors, who were nobility in the Kingdom of France.  Richard III and Adela also had an ancestor in common: Charlemagne.

I have had bursts of laughter all afternoon.  I don't expect anyone else to believe this, because I'm not sure I believe it myself - and I'm the one who did the research, the oh-so-careful research, checking every unknown place-name, verifying with other published trees, looking up source material.

So, what are odds?  Perhaps I really am just a little bit French, for  suddenly I glimpse the absurdity of life.

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