Saturday, November 16, 2013

Evidence Explained - the Facebook 'Blog'

Elizabeth Shown Mills, a highly credentialed and experienced genealogist, has long been recognized as a leader in setting professional standards in her field, especially regarding sources - why, when and how to source a fact in a family tree.

I have her weighty tome, Evidence Explained, and one of her QuickSheets (which is less likely to break my wrist holding it up). To your right you may see I have added a link to Ellizabeth's Facebook pages for her book. I was not aware of this valuable resource until today. I found it through a link in the G2G group at WikiTree, and thanks to Jillaine Smith for giving us the link!

This is just one more example of how joining WikiTree is helping me grow, not just grow my tree, but grow my ability to make it a good one.  I recently discovered a resource listing that Rick Pierpont.created and shared. Another resource list I like to use is Kitty's Library, which has benefited many in the WikiTree community.

Being part of a collaborative community is making my family tree hobby more fun, and more effective.

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