Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reading, Writing and WikiTree

 October 2013 Club 100
I spent part of the weekend reading the nine profiles nominated for Profile of the Week - (scroll down, link on the right side).  It is interesting to read about the lives of people who came before us - not just the famous but everyday sort of people.

I am also learning how many ways a profile can be presented - narrative, timeline, combination, mainly pictures, etc.  I spent my insomniac part of the night/morning writing another profile.

I hope you like my October Club 100 badge at the top of this page. Points can help me measure my impact at WikiTree and they give me a way to track my productivity, but points aren't the goal or purpose of WikiTree.  Points - they are just a way of acknowledging every single contribution made by the members.

In a collaborative work such as WikiTree, it is the sum of mutual effort that is important. The goal is to produce accurate trees and interesting profiles, well sourced, with pictures.  There is no such thing as an 'insignificant' contribution in a co-operative body of work. My little finger is small, but not at all insignificant!

Today I have been reading back dated issues of the WikiTree Blog, which I strongly recommend for anyone interested in genealogy. Whatever level of experience you may have acquired, from beginner to expert, I think you will find articles that interest you.

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GoldiBear said...

Reading this blog made me smile. I love the way that you express yourself, and how much you appreciate mutual cooperation.