Saturday, November 9, 2013

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

Some well-behaved children go into the candy shop, stand in one place, and quietly ask their parents: "May I have that one, please?"

Not like me.  I'd wander from one side of the shop to other, considering the delicious choices. With my nose plastered to the glass covered display case, I'd say, "That one - no wait - this one, uhmm - may I have them both?".

Nothing has changed except my hair - it is gray instead of brown.  I dash (virtually) from one profile to another at WikiTree. I find a missing link that takes a branch that has been stuck for years way, way back. I work on it for a week, then I'm peeking into other branches, finding more missing links - oh please may I have all of them?!

Unlike the candy shop - the answer is YES!  And it won't even make you fat! So here is my Miner missing link; here is my Crow missing link - like a magic candy shop, you can have some too, and there is always more left than before! 

Of course I know that working carefully, logically, from a well-thought-out research plan, would get me where I want to go quicker in the end. What can I say? I'm just a kid, hiding in a grown-up body....

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