Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where did the Week Go?

You have heard the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" -- well the past week went by at super-sonic jet speed.  To make a perfect week even better, last night when I checked my profile page for updates, I found this:

 Community StarFamily Star

  -- and it isn't even my birthday!
The family star may be awarded by any member to anyone  "for making valuable contributions to their family's history or genealogy".  This one was from Tami Osmer.  Tami and I share many of the same ancestors, and she has uploaded her GEDCOM (a format for transferring family tree information) to WikiTree. She too blogs about genealogy - you can find her blog with the link to your right "Finding Family stories". She wrote on Nov. 8:  "Thank you for caring about ancestors by honoring them with thoughtful profile pages!" This from someone who produces so many great stories of her ancestors! Wow! Thank you Tami!

The community star may be awarded to anyone " for outstanding generosity in the community or dedication to the WikiTree mission to grow a shared, worldwide family tree".  It is reserved "for those making contributions beyond their own family."  This one was awarded by Terry Wright - she is the Project Leader for the Profile of the Week, and she also works on Photo for the Week Project; Scottish Clans Project; Australian Convicts Project - and many other valuable contributions to WikiTree.  She has made a major commitment of her time to be a greeter for the new members of WikiTree. In fact, she was the one who greeted me and has made me feel very welcome.  Here is part of what she wrote on Nov. 9: "April shows such outstanding generosity to the WikiTree Community April is willing to help in any way that she can." Thank you Terry!

Speaking of the WikiTree Mission - here is the statement from About WikiTree:
" Our mission is to grow a single worldwide family tree that will make genealogy free and accessible for everyone."

The Vision statement begins: "WikiTree is designed to balance privacy and collaboration so that everyone can share the same family tree."

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