Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cold - Hot - Cold - Hot - Cold - Hot

The water in the pool was cold this morning, and the air was only sixty-five degrees. It felt like the ocean at San Diego in December. I entered the pool very slowly the first time, and my breathing became irregular as the water reached my chest. Once my leg started cramping, I left the pool for the hot tub - aahhhh. Hot. Just right.

After the hot water restored my body heat I left the hot tub for the pool, and entered the water at a fast but steady pace, descending the steps without a pause. I had the whole place to myself (who else is crazy enough to go swimming in a cold pool on a cold morning?). Part-way through my laps, I got a foot cramp, so back to the hot tub. MMmmmmm. The only thing better than a hot tub is a hot tub after a cold pool.

For my third time in the pool, I let the teenager inside me loose, and simply jumped into the deep end. Whoooh! Another lap, back to the hot tub and done. That was so much fun I might do it again tomorrow. Dr. Randolph in his latest book, From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, writes "if you are too busy to exercise every day, then every day you are busy dying". That was the last thing I read before my jaunt to the swimming pool.

Today I'm busy living.

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