Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovely Old Word of the Day

When I was in school, I loved sports of all kinds, was captain of our girls softball team, played tennis year round, and when I wasn't running, biking or swimming I was surfing. So I never thought of myself as a "geek", but geekdom lurked just under my skin, for I was a closet dictionary reader. Yes, I thought reading the unabridged dictionary was a form of entertainment.

Sometimes when I run across an especially lovely word, I bookmark it, and while I was cleaning up my bookmarked links today I ran across this lovely word from the year 1623:

ineluctable: not to be avoided, changed or resisted (see also inevitable)

As in: Visual evidence of the ineluctable physical progression of aging may be delayed or ameliorated, but it is ultimately inevitable.

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